We help build a carbon neutral economy through collaborative, intelligent cloud based software solutions for climate and energy professionals

Climate goals can only be reached together.

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The software for your energy and climate management

  • Clear - Measurement data, analysis and key energy indicators in one tool
  • Simple - Intuitive user interface, no feature overload
  • Efficient - Intelligent functions save time and reduce errors
  • Collaborative - Involve employees transfer responsibility
  • Cloud based - Access from anywhere, anytime and via all devices
EnPI Interface auf einem Tablet und einem Smartphone

“Thanks to EnPI, I finally found an intuitive software that does the statistical part and makes it easy for me to calculate my energy indicators.”

Robert Roß, Energy Manager Stadtwerke Norderstedt


Our intuitive software supports you in making the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 a common goal within your company.

Produce more sustainably - for a climate-neutral economy.

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We believe that the key to a climate-neutral economy in cooperation and partnership. Therefore we develop our software closely with our customers and partners.

Become part of our network and let us make a difference together.

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